Step By Step Heptagenia




Material List
Hook : Tiemco 3769SP-BL #10-14
Thread : Benecchi's 12/0 (70 D) white
Wingbud : HJP Heptagenia wing case
Underbody : Non lead wire
Abdomen : Light fine dubbing
Back cover : Magic shrimp foil Clear
Legs : Stripped chenille legs
Rib : Stainless 0,10mm wire
Tail : Synthtic quills
Color : Prismacolor Dark umber PM 61 Light tan PM 95
Varnish : Thin Soft Body


Take a piece of non lead wire the same diameter as the hook shank and cut it a angel with a side-cutting nippers.
Tie in the taper lenght of non lead wire on either side of the hook shank, starting just behind the eye.
Flatten the underbody and give it a layer of varnish.


Tie in the wing case as cloce to eye of the hook as possible and trim of the tag.


Tie in the rib and the 3 synthetic quills for the tail.


Wind  the tread down the end of the abdomen and spilt the tail, let the rib point away from you, 1mm from the end of the abdomen.


Colour a strip of Magic shrimp foil on the dull side with a dark umber (PM61)
Cut the foil in a angle and tie it in with the dull side facing down


Cover the abdomen with light dubbing.


Fold the foil over the abdomen and tie it down, to hold the foil when turning the rib. 
Turn the rib 5 turn, loosen the foil and fold foil back, make 1 of rib in front of foil tie the rib down, trim of the rib.


Make 4 stripped chennile leg, 2 striped in 1 end and 2 striped in both end, the striped part must be 20 mm, the long tag make it easy to get the leg in right position.
Colour the leg with light tan PM 95 pen before tying them in.
Tie in the rear pair of leg, the pair striped 1 end,
Start with leg pointing towards you, let the bobbin hang, fold the leg a round the tyingthread and lift the leg over and in position on the side of the body, rotate the vice so the position of the other leg is pointing upwards, and tie the other leg.


Trim of the rear pair of leg and dub around the leg's.
Tie in the front pair of "dubbel leg's" the same way as the rear leg's


Dub around the front pair of leg.
Fold the foil over the leg's and tie it down and trim of.
Dub the rest of the thorax, start form the eye and go back to the position where the wing case is tied down.


Fold the wing case back and tie it down, wiph-finish and trim of the thread.
Colour the threat on the wing case with a light tan PM 95 pen.
Put a drop of thin Soft Body on the thread over the wingbud, drag the drop so it cover the hole wing case.


Bending the leg, start with the front leg, to keep they other leg's out of the heat-zone grab them with a hackleplier and let it hang.
Hold the leg in position with a fine noise tweezer and heat the "knee" with a hotpoint.


Trim the leg's to lenght.
Add some small dark umbra PM61 spot on the leg's an tail.



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