Biot Heptagenia

Step By Step

Photo Erik Nygaard 





Material List
Hook : Tiemco 3769SP-BL #10-14
Thread : Benecchi's 12/0 (70 D) white
Wingbud : HJP Heptagenia wing case
Underbody : Non lead wire
Abdomen : B
iot Goos or Turkey
Legs : Stripped chenille legs
Tail : Synthtic quills
Color : Prismacolor Dark umber PM 61-Colorless Blender PM 121 
Color: Template Canary Yellow PM16

Color: Backside of wingcase : Correction Pen
Varnish : Thin Soft Body



Cover the backside of the wingcase with correction pen. Make  a little pond, and use the tip of  the correction pen as a paint brush


Olny the headpart must be coverd wiht correction pen



Collor the  tip of the wingcase with Dark umber PM61 on the backside.





Cover the front of the wingcase wiht Dark Umber PM 61.


Take the colorless blender PM121 and make some light spots. When removing the dark collor with PM 121 it's important to clean the marker tip.


Make some smal dark spot inside the light spot.


 Take 3 Synthtic quills for the tail and add some dark spot.


Take a piece of non lead wire the same diameter as the hook shank and cut it a angel with a side-cutting nippers.

Make 4 stripped chennile leg, 2 striped in 1 end and 2 striped in both end, the striped part must be 20 mm, the long tag make it easy to get the leg in right position.


Tie in lead on the side of the hookshank.


Flatten the underbody and give it a layer of varnish or super glue.


Tie in the wingcase and the tail.


Tie in the biot and let the tying thread hang, make one turn with the biot, and then follow wiht the tying thread over the biot.



Tie in the rear pair of leg, the pair striped 1 end,
Start with leg pointing towards you, let the bobbin hang, fold the leg a round the tyingthread and lift the leg over and in position on the side of the body, rotate the vice so the position of the other leg is pointing upwards, and tie the other leg.

Trim the rear leg's and tie in the front leg's

The leg's must all be in a horizontal position.

Dub around the leg, let the thread hang in front of the leg.

Fold the wing case back and tie it down, wiph-finish and trim of the thread.
To color the thread over the wing case, hold the colerless blender PM 121 on the thread, it will now get the same color as the wing case.
Put a drop of thin Soft Body on the thread over the wing case, drag the drop so it cover the hole wing case.

Bend the leg, use a pair of fine nose tweezers, heat the one "leg" of the tweezers with a lighter, hold the hot "leg indside the bend, and hold it 2 sec.
Trim the leg's to lenght.
Add some small dark umbra PM61 spot on the leg's.

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